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Assistant Director Credits

Assistant Director Credits


Crimes of the Future (Cast PA / dir. David Cronenberg, 2021)

Tzitzipongo (1st AD / dir. Pavlos Sifakis, 2021)
Forget Me Not (1st AD / dir. Selini Papageorgiou, 2021)
Skin (1st AD / dir. Symeon Drakoulis, 2018)
To My One and Only Spectator (1st AD / dir. Maria Elena Mitrodima, 2018)
The Backpack (1st AD / dir. Michalis Mathioudakis, 2018)
The Spectator (1st AD / dir. Thodoris Vournas, 2016)
Bus 43 (1st AD / dir. Alexis Lazaridis, 2015)
Without Milk (1st AD / dir. Thodoris Vournas, 2015)


The Romanos (dir. Petros Antoniadis, 2016)
Flavors Years Ahead (dir. Petros Antoniadis, 2014)