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Editing & Post Production

Editing & Post Production

Lou – Athens to Berlin

Music video, 2019.

The Collector

Short film, 2018.

The Backpack

Short film, 2018.

The Nest

Arthouse feature film, 2018.

BU-21 Trailer

Trailer for stage performance, 2018.


Web commercial, 2017.

The Grocery Store

Short film, 2017.


Music video, 2017.


Short film, 2017.

Teen City Vibe

TV show, 2017.


The Spectator

Short film, 2016.

The Governor

TVC, 2016.

In The Dark – Making Movies Trailer

Trailer for stage performance, 2016.

Panos Mouzourakis - Hriso Avgo

Hriso Avgo

Music video, 2016.

Last Bets – Trailer

Trailer for stage performance, 2017.

Without Milk

Short film. 2015.

Follow the Wind

Commercial film, 2015.


Student short film, 2016.

The Romanos

TVC, 2016.

Wedding Story

Commercial film, 2017.

Bus 43

Short film, 2015.

BrainCo Improvisations

Web videos, 2015.

On Hold

On Hold

Short film, 2014.


Tell Me A Lie

Short film, 2014.


Five Days of My Life

Short dance film, 2015.


Short film, 2014.

FlexLearn TVC

TVC, 2014.

Hide & Seek

Short film, 2013.

Ithaki 2013

The City by C.P. Cavafy

Video projection, 2013.

Pes Mou Ti Skeftesai

Music video, 2011.


Student short film, 2010