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Ubu Roi


Video design for stage performance, 2018.


National Theatre of Greece


  • Video art
  • Motion graphics


Stage performance directed by Manos Vavadakis
Translation: Achilleas Kyriakidis
Costumes: Georgina Germanou
Set design: Manos Vavadakis
Lighting: Stella Kaltsou
Music: Yannis Niarros
Video design: George Tsirogiannis
Choreographer: Giorgos Michelakis
Director's assistants: Giorgos Michelakis, Kostas Triantakostantis
Set design assistant: Nora Delidimou
Costumes assistant: Mariza Soulioti
Photography: Carol Jarek

With Aris Laskos, Hara-Mata Giannatou, Manos Vavadakis, Panagiotis Exarheas, Yannis Niarros, Katerina Zissoudi, Stella Vogiatzaki and Maria Moschouri


At the age of seventeen, Alfred Jarry and his classmates wrote a series of sketches whose main character was a caricature of their physics teacher. One of these pieces of mockery would later become a work that would change the course of modern theatre.

In an imaginary Poland, Ubu, a Captain of the Dragoons, decides at the urging of his wife to overthrow the country’s king. Although the rebellion is discovered, Ubu manages to escape, assassinating the royal family and taking over the country.

Drunk with power, and determined to enrich himself at his subjects’ expense, the voracious and bullying tyrant brazenly robs and taxes the entire populace, while not hesitating to murder anyone who stands in his way.

The play presents a caricature of an imaginary dictator and is at the same time an allegorical work reflecting the greed and violence of modern mankind.


First performance: February 7, 2018
Last performance: April 1, 2018

Presented at Experimental Stage (-1) - Rex Theater - Katina Paxinou Stage


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